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RISD's Internship Policy:
Internships for RISD students are educationally-based experiences that give students the opportunity to work alongside established artists/designers/professionals who have the ability to act as mentors and assist thestudents in learning new skills and techniques
      Work needs to be done on-site and requires that students are mentored by a supervisor with skills and abilities at a higher level than that of the student. Additional guidelines for posting internships for RISD students can be found here: 
      Internship FAQs for Employers

      RISD students are typically compensated for their work as interns. Compensation can be monetary in the form of an hourly rate or stipend, and/or in the form of academic credit with approval from the student's academic department. The agreement for employers and RISD students who will engage in the internship for academic credit can be found here:

      Questions? Call 401-454-6614 or email: risdcareers@risd.edu 

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