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3943 / Volunteer Intern - Edwards Aquifer Program
TCEQ - Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

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M-F will vary schedule for students
open until filled
Assist the Edwards Aquifer Program with reviews and plan archives/retention. Data entry and some filling would be needed. This position would have the opportunity to go on site investigations and obtain working knowledge of the Edwards Aquifer Program, TCEQ data systems and gain experience to better position themselves for employment with the TCEQ or environmental consulting firms. Up to two volunteer interns could be utilized.

Currently there are only unpaid internships but paid summer internships will become available under the Mickey Leland Internship Program (
Basic Science background is all that would be needed. A geology class would be useful but not mandatory.
Contact Regional Director David Van Soest (512) 239-0468 or at Once contacted I can provide needed paperwork for a volunteer intern. Resume will be required.

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Austin, Texas
U.S. Citizen
College of Science