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What is CUA Alumni Networking?

Members of the Alumni Network on Hire a Cardinal (formerly Cardinal Connection)! participate in a searchable database of CUA alumni who have volunteered to share their career/educational experiences with current CUA students and fellow alumni.  This system is excellent for job and internship seekers who want to conduct informational interviews to learn more about a particular position, employer, or industry. It will also be useful for those who are seeking to go on for further education allowing them a platform to inquire about various academic programs and pathways.  If you are interested in becoming a CUA Mentor please request a username and password (see New Users below).

Please Note:


• Students will not see your e-mail address, rather they will be told to click on a blind hyperlink that allows them to contact you.
• The Networking option is NOT to be used as a business solicitation tool.
• Alumni are NOT expected to accept resumes or provide actual job openings or interviews, although they may choose to do so at their own discretion.
• This portal you are logging into only allows you the ability to serve as a member of the Alumni Network.  If you are interested in networking with other CUA Alumni in order to change careers, find a job or, or gain admission into a graduate program we ask that you click here to request access to the search side of Cardinal Connection.

  • Registered Users: If you have previously received a username (your e-mail address) and password (millennium ID number) enter that information below and click LOGIN. Complete your profile to make your information available to students.
  • New Users: If you have not previously requested a username and password, go to the bottom of this page to "click here to register" and you will receive a confirmation shortly.
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For further assistance, please contact our office at 202-319-5623.
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