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201629 / Associate Data/Business Analyst
Delta Air Lines

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Up to 25/perHr
The Associate Data/Business Analyst is responsible for working with internal customer groups to deliver Information Technology projects by gathering and documenting data into meaningful analysis. This includes; tracking functionality as it moves from one system to another, working with Architects and Project Managers to summarize data and reports with raw data and working on documentation to be used by the project.

• Customer Focus - Is dedicated to meeting the expectations and requirements of the project; gets information and uses it for improvements; acts with the team in mind; establishes and maintains effective relationships with the team and gains their trust and respect.
• Dedication - Involves demonstrating a desire to dedicate time and energy to accomplish goals, tasks, assignments, etc. Will do what it takes to get things done.
• Patience - Involves listening and checking before acting; is tolerant with people and processes; tries to understand the people and the information before taking action or making decisions; sensitive to due process and proper approaches.
• Task Management - Delivers quality work on time; translates planning into action by following applicable established procedures or methodologies; proactively monitors and controls task status by collecting and analyzing task data to anticipate and address barriers; appropriately communicates and resolves or escalates any problems that arise.

• Communication Skills- The ability to communicate verbally and in writing; capable of successful formal and informal communication; speaks and writes clearly.
• Integrity and Trust - Involves being widely trusted; being seen as a direct, truthful individual; can present the unvarnished truth in an appropriate and helpful manner, keeps confidences, admits mistakes, and doesn’t misrepresent him/herself for personal gain.
• Teamwork - Involves working well in a collaborative setting; supporting work team by volunteering for and completing assignments; acting as a positive team member by contributing to discussions; developing and maintaining both formal and informal relationships in the team; defines success in terms of the entire team through mentoring and knowledge transfer.
• Technical Expertise - Involves demonstrating a commitment to increasing knowledge and skills in current technical/functional area.

This is an entry level position requires a Bachelor Degree or a planned degree completion in 2017. Conceptual/working knowledge of the software development life cycle and project management experience preferred. Strong written and verbal communication skills required. Applicant must have the enthusiasm to proactively coordinate and take action within a team environment.

Posting Information

Eagan, MN
Accounting, Aviation, Business, Computer Science, Database Administration/Management, Education - Math/Science, Industrial Enginee...
Full-Time Entry Level
Legally authorized to work in the US for any employer
June 2015
September 2017
Senior, Alumni
Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate/Professional
Business, Law and Protective Services, Mathematics, Music, Theatre Arts/Acting, Economics, Political Science, Computer Software Te...

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