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Below you can select an existing organization with which to register. Simply begin typing the name of your organization (for instance your company name) in the Find Your Organization search field. As you type the system will search for your words and show you a list of matching organizations. Select the desired organization. If you are not able to find the desired organization click the 'Can't Find Your Organization?' button.

Important Note: When searching for your company name be sure to start with your broad company name, then branch, and then specific program.  Also, try partial words without spaces or symbols to verify that your company does not already exist on GoldPASS.

If your Organization is represented below use the following Naming Conventions:
  • University of Minnesota = "U of MN - College/Dept"
  • University of Wisconsin = "University of Wisconsin City Dept/College/Program"
  • ​Cities  = ​"City of Name, Two Letter State Abbreviation"
  • Counties = "Name Of County, Two Letter State Abbreviation"
  • Federal Government = "U.S. Dept Name"
  • Minnesota state government departments = "MN Dept/Office"
​*All states' state departments follow the same format but replace MN with the respective abbreviation


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