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10188 / VIE – 12 to 24 months – Operational Excellence Project Manager – Brussels, BE

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Eurofins is currently looking for new talent to join their driven, highly skilled and diverse team of consultants.

The Operational Excellence Project Manager independently owns and manages Permanent Improvement Programmes projects that deliver final end-products. He/She ensures full project and stakeholder management (including top Eurofins management, other group supporting functions like purchasing or sales and marketing, operational leaders from Eurofins network, etc.). He/She supports the team to deliver the other projects showing interdependencies with his/her assignment.

The Operational Excellence Project Manager supports, takes part in or manages projects to support the delivery of the key objectives of the Internal Consulting team:

1. Definition, alignment and standardisation of key concepts and processes at Eurofins.

Given its strong growth and increasing geographic span, Eurofins has launched a company-wide initiative to structure, document and converge concepts and processes along Eurofins' main functional areas, including Finance, IT, Sales & Marketing, and Operations. A significant effort has already been made to define key concepts and their relationships in Key Group Documents, describing the current Eurofins business model and the aspired future state. These documents will have a significant and structuring impact on future business processes and on the development requirements for Eurofins' IT system landscape.

As part of this initiative, PIP governs the programme and actively supports best practice and Eurofins key concepts document owners in identifying the needs for alignment and codification.

2. Definition and development of standard laboratories and processes for specific applications.

Given its capabilities portfolio and its international presence, Eurofins is permanently driving towards operational best practices identification and implementation. Standardisation and harmonisation of processes and laboratories infrastructures across the group is a key objective. Tools for this will be:

- The steering of local expert networks;
- The documentation of the operational best practices as part of blueprints for standardised processes and laboratories.

A blueprint is a detailed documentation of aligned and clearly defined best practice processes, laboratory layouts, infrastructure and IT requirements, equipment, organisational set-up, etc. PIP supports the business experts and process optimisation teams to ensure coordination of the programme, alignment with the group priorities and consistency in the approach and documentation. Once the blueprints are defined and piloted, PIP will support their implementation at greenfield sites or by reengineering existing or newly acquired labs.

3. Development of methodologies and standards in performance and cost management.

Design and implementation of KPI set and performance evaluation tools is a key requirement to better understand the operational performance of Eurofins, identify opportunities for improvement and drive towards excellence.
PIP supports the definition, development and implementation of:

- Tools and processes for performance measurement and benchmarking (e.g. KPI system);
- Standardised operational performance reporting (laboratories production performance);
- Production of cost calculation models (using activity-based costing methodology);
- Laboratories benchmarking methodologies (e.g. financials calculation, productivity measure, production cost analysis).

The actual assignment(s) are depending on priorities set by the group management, available resources and skillsets of participants and can therefore change over time.

Please note that the position does not have a fixed start and end date. The position should last at least 12 months (can be extended up to two years) and the candidate can already start in July if he/she wishes.

The position is based in Brussels, Belgium.
- Citizenship: VIE contracts are only applicable to European Economic Area (EEA) citizens.

- Experience: 1 to 3 years in business consulting or improvement / reengineering roles with project management experience.

- Education: Scientific or business degree from top University. Excellent student track record.

- Languages: Excellent English oral and written is a must. Other languages are highly appreciated.

- Personal skills:
- Strong interpersonal skills (e.g. oral and written communication, presentation skills) as this role will interface a lot with local resources and experts to understand and document processes. - Proven change management and influencing skills.
- Ability to define concepts, align them with key stakeholders in different countries and describe them clearly and concisely.
- Proven ability to independently set-up, manage and drive a clearly defined project;
- Strong problem-solver with "can-do" mentality, able to both pragmatically define solutions and capture and understand all relevant details when necessary.

- Technical knowledge IT: MS Office products, Access DB a plus.
Please send your CV to the e-mail address listed below.

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