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To access the system please sign in using your current user name and password. If you have forgotten your password, please click the link below. If you know your password and still cannot access the system, or if you cannot obtain your password, please contact your local career services office.   Click here http://www.devry.edu/career-services/contacts.jsp and then click on your home state for a directory listing.

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Employers are solely responsible for the job postings, content, messages, images or other information that an employer posts on HireDeVry or transmits to users of HireDeVry (“Employer Content”).  Employers take sole responsibility and agree that such Employer Content will not be false, inaccurate, misleading, unlawful, offensive, discriminatory or otherwise in violation of applicable laws.

The use of HireDeVry is at the employer’s and the job seekers own risk.  DeVry University (“DeVry”) is not an employer with respect to HireDeVry.  HireDeVry acts only as a conduit to provide a venue for employers to post job opportunities and for job seekers to review and/or respond to such opportunities.  DeVry is not responsible for the information provided by employers on HireDeVry or in job seeker resumes. DeVry does not screen Employer Content nor does it screen job seeker resumes.

DeVry may take any action with respect to Employer Content or job seekers resumes in its sole discretion; provided, however, that DeVry has no obligation to do so and disclaims any liability for declining or failing to take such action.

DeVry assumes no responsibility or liability for any personnel selected by an employer.  Furthermore, DeVry assumes no responsibility or liability for any determination made by a job seeker to accept employment with an employer.

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