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Marine Corps: Platoon Leaders Class Presentation
1/28/2014 4:00 PM - 1/28/2014 6:00 PM
CC 106

Platoon Leaders Class is an ROTC-Alternative Program hosted by the Marines.  It’s alternative for three main reasons: 1) There is no obligation to serve after completing PLC, 2) The training is condensed into the summer, allowing you to concentrate on academic and athletic pursuits during the scholastic year, and 3) you get paid to train.

Here are some additional notes:
PAID - Freshmen and Sophomores are paid $2600 plus room and board for 6 weeks.  Juniors are paid $4100 plus room and board for 10 weeks.

NO OBLIGATION - You will not incur any obligation to the Marine Corps, even after completing the training (you can choose whether or not to continue a career as a Marine Corps Officer).

MONEY FOR SCHOOL - Tuition assistance ($2600/semester) and financial assistance ($350/month spending cash) will be available to you after you complete your summer training. 

AVIATION - Guarantee your spot at FLIGHT SCHOOL as early as your freshmen year.  No flying experience necessary.

LAW – Commission and become a part of JAG.  Guaranteed employment during law school and after.

NOT ROTC -  No on-campus training, drills or meetings.  This program does not interfere with academic or athletic pursuits because your training is conducted during the summer.

JOB OPPORTUNITY - When you complete PLC and earn your degree, you'll be given the opportunity to accept of deny a commission as an Officer in this nation's most elite military organization, the Marines.

WEBSITE - Visit www.marineofficer.com for more information.

Points of contact for information regarding PLC:
Sergeant Shawn Freeman 812-841-4440, shawn.freeman@marines.usmc.mil

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