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CareersLink support: careerslink@manchester.ac.uk

University of Manchester Students login to CareersLink via the University Central Authentication Service using their University computer username and password. Students of other Universities are not eligible for a CareersLink account.

Graduate Login

University of Manchester graduates, degree completed 2012 or earlier
Access to services for three years from your course completion date.

University of Manchester graduates,degree completed 2013 or later
Access to services for two years from your course completion date.

The first time you access CareersLink as a graduate you will need to reset your password to be able to login. You will need your University computer username to do this.

Note: If your 'preferred email' in the University central student system was your University email address and you can no longer access this, you will need to contact us with an alternative email address to send your password to, please provide your name and Student ID to: careerslink@manchester.ac.uk

Once you are able to login you will then be able to reset your username and password to something memorable to you.
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