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8139 / Coach / Instructor
FitKids America

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Independent Contractor (excluding Intern/Co-op)
20.00-30.00/ Class
After School Enrichment class for elementary aged Rutherford County Students. We offer Agility, soccer, basketball, flag football, cheer, field games and many more activities. Our goal is give children ages K-5 grade an opportunity to make fitness fun! Lets GET OUTSIDE AND PLAY!! Join us for this one hour class and be involved in a healthier future!
You must LOVE to work with children in elementary school groups, first and foremost. We expect you to be dependable, reliable and pass a background check. Each session is six weeks and we run four session per school year. We provide all materials and equipment, as well as lesson plans. We are also open to suggestion and would love your input on new sports and classes!

Posting Information

Rutherford County
Sports, Fitness, Health & Wellness
Student Employment
Eligible to work WITHOUT employer visa sponsorship (i.e. U.S. Citizen/Perm. Resident)

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