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8924 / Communications Intern
Department of Safety and Homeland Security

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Unpaid Internship
About the Department of Safety & Homeland Security:
The Department’s mission statement is to "serve, secure, and protect the people of Tennessee." This Department encompasses the Tennessee Highway Patrol, Driver Services, and Homeland Security. Promoting safety on Tennessee roads and in the daily lives of citizens is the motivation for each individual in the Department.

About the Commercial Driver License (CDL) Division:
This Division is responsible for issuing and maintaining all Commercial Driver Licenses within TN. These are special licenses that are required to drive semi-trucks, school buses, and other large motor vehicles. Without drivers for the thousands of Commercial Motor Vehicles needed on our roads, the state would come to an economic and operational stand still. However, all of this is immaterial without the assurance that CDL holders are provided the knowledge and resources to keep roads and other drivers safe. The Division trains and certifies examiners to conduct tests for CDLs, provides customer services to CDL holders, and uses a data driven approach to regulate CDLs and public safety.

About the Driver Training and Testing Program (DTTP) Division:
This Division is responsible for regulating all enterprises and third parties that train and test drivers for their Class D license a.k.a. their regular driver license. Without schools, enterprises, and businesses training and testing drivers, Tennessee driver service centers would be overwhelmed and our roads would have more underqualified drivers and be less safe. The DTTP Division ensures that courses and instructors are teaching the necessary material to create safe drivers and giving drivers the necessary tools to receive their license.

Summary of Position:
Internship positions are located at 1148 Foster Ave, Nashville, TN 37243 at the TN Department of Safety and Homeland Security. All positions within the CDL & DTTP Division are responsible for providing friendly and efficient customer service. Interns will speak with DTTP partners and CDL holders in person and on the phone to resolve concerns as well as update documentation through our customer service software. Interns may also specialize in one area of the Division, as described below. Interns will conduct administrative assistant tasks as well as play integral roles on Division projects and initiatives, specific to their areas of experience and skill.

Areas of Focus: Communications Intern
The area of focus for this internship is communications. This internship requires strong interpersonal skills and the ability to manage concurrent projects successfully. Interns will communicate with business partners of the CDL Division and maintain company and examiner communication and files. This may require the individual to draft and distribute meeting minutes, write and/or proofread internal documentation for management, draft and edit Division general orders, research federal and state laws and edit policies or rules for consistency, draft communications (emails and letters) to third party partners, and develop content for the CDL & DTTP Division newsletters and other publications. Some experience in communications and public relations is necessary. Applicants must exhibit creativity in business solutions and a servant-leadership mindset.
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
Successful candidates in any program will be:
• Proficient user of computers and mobile devices
• Proficient user of Microsoft Office Suite
• Able to learn and use customer service software
• Service-oriented and have quality customer service skills
• Ethical and responsible business professionals

• Fairness to Direct Reports
• Decision Quality
• Technical Learning
• Timely Decision Making
• Dealing with Ambiguity
• Customer Focus
• Ethics and Values
• Interpersonal Savvy
• Integrity and Trust
• Perspective
• Planning

Applicants must be seeking an undergraduate degree OR a graduate degree and enrolled at a college or university at the time of application. Applicants seeking an undergraduate degree must be at least a sophomore by credit hours at the time of application. All applicants must be in good academic standing with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Experience in the respective areas of focus listed above is highly sought after by the selection committee.

Internships with the CDL & DTTP Division are unpaid. Unpaid interns must receive school credit from the college of university where they attend. Interns are responsible for arranging school credit at their institution. All course work that is required by the student will also be submitted to the Department for the intern’s file. Students are required to pass a fingerprint background check prior to the start of the internship. All students interested must submit a résumé by email to a contact listed below. Qualified students will be asked to interview with the Department and will be placed in the position fitting to the student’s experience and competencies. Résumés are accepted on a rolling basis and students may apply at any time.

Posting Information

Advertising & Public Relations, Customer Service, Governmental/Public Affairs & Public Service
Eligible to work WITHOUT employer visa sponsorship (i.e. U.S. Citizen/Perm. Resident)

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