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8517 / Certified Flight Instructor
FlightSafety Academy

Position Information

Hourly Wage
$20-25/hr base
* Sign on bonus

* Free housing during standardization available

* Completion standards and retention bonuses

* Free upgrade to CFII/MEI option

FlightSafety Academy in beautiful Vero Beach, Florida is hiring flight instructors. Are you someone who just achieved your CFI? At FSA you will have the ability to work in a professional environment with high level personnel who are dedicated to instructing at the highest level. Our commitment to students and our employees is unwavering - we want to create the best pilots. Our campus has been operational for more than 50 years with almost 100 company-owned aircraft and a large student base. You will not find a better or more productive place to work. Florida boast more than 320 flyable days per year and the scenery is breathtaking. Our CFI's earn approximately 100 hours of dual given each month or more!

In addition to hourly pay for all pre- and post- flight events as well as flight time, our instructors are hired as full-time employees. They receive full-time pay and benefits including paid-time off, vacation, sick days, and medical, dental and vision benefits. FlightSafety has a fantastic 401k. Aviation is a small world - you will find the benefits of working for FlightSafety extend far beyond the cockpit. You will make contacts in the aviation industry that you will have for your entire career.

We are currently offering a number of sign on bonuses as well as first-time pass rate bonuses. We also have the ability to help you obtain additional ratings at no cost. We want to hear from you! Please contact us to learn more at (800) 800-1411.


Flight instructors are responsible for teaching students how to fly in a variety of settings using methods that include textbook education, simulators and live flight training. Teach students the basics of flying an aircraft and to help them prepare for the written test they can expect to face when applying for their pilot’s license from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). At FlightSafety Academy, we have separate Ground School instructors; our CFI's are responsible for pre and post brief instruction and for all flight instruction.

•Flight training of independent and contract students as assigned.
•Conducting flight training in accordance with FARs and FSI course outline or contract training course, as appropriate.
•Teaching Ground School subjects, IAW, FSI training course, or contract training course, as assigned.
•Manage assigned students training within syllabus and the schedule.
•Maintain accurate log book records of assigned students.
•Follow FSI policy regarding control and identification of weak students leading to Review Board.
•Ensure assigned students are scheduled for stage checks in a timely manner.
•Ensure daily activity bid sheet is completed in a timely manner.
•Maintain currency in all procedures and regulations.
•Reporting to Program Manager/Assistant Program Manager assigned students that necessitate further review or additional assistance.
•Maintain a minimum 80% pass rate on non-final and final stage checks of assigned students.

•Other tasks assigned by the Program Manager or Chief Flight Instructor.
•Maintain experience in accordance with FAR 61.57 on file with instructor records.
•Adhere to FlightSafety International regulations.


•Complete initial Instructor standardization in accordance with FAR 141.79.
•Complete annual recurrent instructor standardization in accordance with FAR 141.
•Complete periodic Line checks/Evaluation Flights as required.

•Commercial Pilot Certificate and a valid Flight Instructor Certificate with appropriate ratings.

•First, Second, Third Class or Basic Medical Certificate.
•Recency of experience in accordance with FAR 61.57.

•Flight Academy airplanes and flight trainers.
•Classroom equipment as necessary.
•AVGAS fuel, oil, machinery.

•Duties of Flight Instructor performed in classroom and training airplanes
•Outdoors, on the flightline and ramp
•Lifting at least 75 pounds or more
•Bending, stooping, climbing
•May include working on back and/or confined spaces
•Exposure to a wide variety of environmental conditions including heat, cold, wind, and precipitation
•Congested/active ramp environment with multiple aircraft

FlightSafety is an Equal Opportunity Employer/Vet/Disabled.

Posting Information

Vero Beach
Professional Entry Level
Eligible to work WITHOUT employer visa sponsorship (i.e. U.S. Citizen/Perm. Resident)

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