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8542 / MBA Candidate Internship - Marketing Analyst
Chalkline Sports

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The MBA Analyst will be responsible for researching and quickly understanding the US and international sports betting landscape. Daily activities will include: primary/secondary research and analysis; marketing research and analysis; strategy planning with the co-founders; and creation of investment decks. You will assist with our capital raise.

You will be challenged to deliver Excellence, and will have a team of people behind you doing the same. We address challenges collaboratively with a balance of optimism, data and realism. This position reports to the President/Co-founder.


-Conduct industry and market research; summarize findings visually.
-Perform analysis of existing or new betting products.
-Monitor and reporting on industry M&A activity; research investors in the space.
-Conduct discrete product research for the Product Development team.
-Build monthly reporting templates and dashboards for key stakeholder groups

-High level of ambition; high energy and biased towards action.
-A deep interest in market research, with an approach characterized first by clear, concise questions, then by data, and in the absence of data, intelligent assumptions.
-Solid comprehension of strategic thinking and planning.
-Strong understanding of company operations, and the ability to get things done efficiently.
-High-quality communication skills; the ability to build presentations and defend them.
-Expert level Excel & PowerPoint or Keynote.

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Eligible to work WITHOUT employer visa sponsorship (i.e. U.S. Citizen/Perm. Resident)

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