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8518 / Pilot Pathway at FlightSafety Academy- Earn Free Licenses
FlightSafety Academy

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This position provides an incredible opportunity for pilots who hold AT LEAST a private pilot license with instrument rating to earn additional licenses (up to and including Certified Flight Instructor Rating, CFII and MEI) at no cost to the selected indivdual. This is a specialized and unique program developed by FlightSafety Academy to assist and promote professional pilot opportunities for United States citizens or those who hold permanent residency.

Developing pilots can qualify for this opportunity by holding at least a Private Pilot license with Instrument Rating. Those who hold Commercial licenses also may be qualified. After completing a rigorous interview ans screening process and once accepted into the program, FlightSafety Academy will provide free training to achieve a CFI, CFII and MEI certificates. After successfully completing CFI training and flight checks, the pilot enters a paid tenure as a professional flight instructor at the Academy in Vero Beach, Florida. The length of the training agreement is based on the number of licenses the candidate will receive. Once the instruction residence is complete, the pilot has the opportunity to receive one or more jet-type rating training courses of your choice from one of over forty FlightSafety Learning Centers.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: The following duties are essential to the successful and satisfactory performance of this job. Other duties may be assigned.

To complete Flight Instructor training programs as assigned
Conducting flight training in accordance with FAR’s, FSA course outline, and FSA training Regulations
Manage assigned training within syllabus and the schedule
Maintain accurate logbook records
Follow FSA policy regarding control and identification of weak students leading to Progress Reviews
Maintain currency in all procedures and regulations for all licenses and ratings held
Report to Assistant PM with completed weekly planner
Maintain a professional attitude and demeanor with staff, instructors, and students
Maintain a positive attitude and willingness to perform to a high standard
Use constructive critique to improve performance


Other tasks assigned by APM, PM, or Chief Flight Instructor



CONTACTS: The employee must display a service-oriented demeanor to both internal and external contacts and promote a positive image of FlightSafety International, while performing the duties of the job.

INTERNAL - All FlightSafety International Employees

EXTERNAL - Customers, vendors and general public


Complete initial licenses which may include commercial ratings and will include CFI, CFII and MEI as assigned


College degree preferred
Must hold at least a Private Pilot license with Instrument rating.
Additional flight licenses as applicable.


U.S. Citizen or U.S. Permanent Resident
Valid FAA Medical
Flight experience per FAA 61.57

Posting Information

Vero Beach
Professional Entry Level
Eligible to work WITHOUT employer visa sponsorship (i.e. U.S. Citizen/Perm. Resident)

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