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54639 / Registered Nurse
Center For Discovery

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The RN consults with the physician and psychiatrist to ensure appropriate medical interventions. The RN meets with each resident, completes a daily assessment, and administers all prescription medication. The RN is responsible to carry out any orders received from the physician and psychiatrist, and reports information to the Nurse Administrator, Program Director and Facility Administrator as needed.
• Completes H&P upon admission for each resident
• Develops and initiates the Nursing Care Plan
• Implements Physician orders
• Is available for consultation after hours and returns telephone calls/pages within ten-minute time frame
• Administers medication as prescribed
• Counts narcotics each day, logs appropriately
• Meets regularly with medical staff to discuss resident treatment
• Provides assessment of medical problems as needed
• Facilitates educational/ therapeutic Groups
• Performs primary first aid and determines need for physician notification
• Monitoring the course of treatment for each resident in a pro-active manner to ensure that no problem or trouble may compromise the resident’s or treatment staff’s effort
• Contributing insightful, practical, and meaningful information to the treatment planning process
• Directing residents in a clear, concise, and informative matter
• Introducing each new resident to his/her fellow residents and the treatment staff, orientates each resident to the Discovery Treatment Program
• Orientates the resident with the rules, expectations, intent, and routine of the daily treatment schedule. The counselor also tours each new resident around the building and grounds to familiarize the resident with the facility
• Must have considerable knowledge of nursing principles and practice
• Must demonstrate knowledge of Axis I diagnosis and symptoms (and specifically in adolescents)
• Must demonstrate knowledge of medications and their proper application and use
• Able to take vital signs & perform basic evaluative procedures and test
• Able to provide First Aid
• RN License required

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