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55204 / School Psychologist
Centennial BOCES

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5/40 & 185 days
Demonstrate knowledge of RtI process, collecting and analyzing a body of evidence, IEP development, appropriate diagnostic and assessment methods; knowledge of remedial techniques for students with disabilities; communicate effectively with staff, students and parents; possess an understanding of best practices for special education programs and services; knowledgeable of community resources.
Qualifications 1. Shall possess the necessary license required by the Colorado Department of Education or be endorsed in the appropriate areas accepted by the Colorado Department of Education in lieu of such license.
2. Demonstrate effective communication skills both orally and in written form with client population including professional staff, parents, students and outside agencies
3. Demonstrate continuing commitment to uphold the ethical and professional standards of conduct and current best practices for school psychologists as outlined by NASP/APA standards.
4. Participate in professional growth offered by the BOCES
Skills, Experience, Other Requirements 1. Provide psychological services to students and families:
1.1 Determine and conduct specific psycho-educational assessments utilizing prescribed legal standards and standards under Colorado ECEA law, current psychometric standards and adhere to current best practice methodologies as determined by appropriate professional organizations and the BOCES.
1.2 Conduct appropriate psycho-educational assessments of social-emotional and/or cognitive functioning disabilities in a timely manner; provide required documentation for case-management index and consult with families enhancing home-school collaboration.
1.3 Provide/facilitate individual or group counseling services making appropriate referrals as necessary.
2. Provide psychological services on a consultation level:
2.1 Participate as a member of multidisciplinary evaluation planning teams and IEP meetings.
2.2 Consult with staff, parents and students about interventions, test interpretation and placement options for students.
2.3 Serve as a resource and consults with educators, administrators, parents and community resources regarding current best practices for the delivery of academic and behavioral interventions.
2.4 Assist in developing strategies for delivering special education services in the least restrictive environment.
2.5 Participate as a member of the district intervention teams—this may include intervening in a crisis situation in or out of school.
2.6 Participate as a member of the district RtI/problem solving teams as necessary and appropriate.
2.7 Assist in the promotion of a positive school climate.
2.8 Act as an agent of change in the educational structure.
2.9 Perform all required record keeping and reporting tasks including written psychological reports and other required documentation utilizing current best practice procedures.
2.10 Serve as designee for the Director of Special Education.
2.11 Consult with the Assistant Director and Director of Special Education, district superintendents/principals and educators about special education issues.
2.12 Participate in professional growth experiences.
2.13 Promote a positive professional and ethical image of school psychology, the school district and the BOCES.
2.14 Adhere to district policies/procedures and professional ethical standards as outlined by NASP/APA policies.
2.15 Participate in special projects or BOCES special education teams as requested.
2.16 Perform other appropriate duties as may be assigned by the Director of Special Education or district administrators.

Posting Information

Graduate Student
Education Specialist
School Psychology (SPSY), School Psychology (SCHP)

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