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57539 / Software Engineer

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M-F 8-5
$65,000 doe
Our software, FLOW-3D®, is used by engineers, designers, and scientists at top manufacturers and institutions throughout the world to simulate and optimize product designs. Many of the products used in our daily lives, from many of the components in an automobile to the paper towels we use to dry our hands, have actually been designed or improved through the use of FLOW-3D®.

As a Software Engineer, you would use your object oriented programming skills to create and maintain the user interface between our simulation software and the end user. You’ll have an opportunity to combine your creative skills with your analytic skills to contribute to a tool which is used by customers around the world.
Required education, experience, and skills
• Bachelors degree or higher in computer engineering or computer science.
• Experience using object oriented programming techniques with C++
• Entry level to 2 years of experience

Desirable experience and skills
• Qt
• OpenGL
• Sockets programming

Attributes of a successful candidate
• Conceptual/creative thinking and problem solving skills
• Adaptable, inquisitive and open-minded
• Excellent oral and written communication skills
• Ability to work in a collaborative environment
• Ambitious and highly motivated

Posting Information

Santa Fe
Engineering - Computer
Full-Time (Do Not Use)
Permanent Resident, U.S. Citizen
Bachelor, Masters
Electrical Engineering - Computer Engineering (EECE)

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