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56325 / Research Scientist 1 (LOCATED IN LAS CRUCES, NM)
UNM-Cradle to Career Policy Institute

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30 hours/week
1947.40 To 2187.50 per Month
This position will conduct a study of student outcomes at the New America High School-Las Cruces (NAS-LC), located at: 207 S. Main St., LAS CRUCES, NM.

The University of New Mexico Cradle to Career Policy Institute, affiliated with the College of Arts and Sciences, is requesting one new part-time Research Scientist I (RS-1) position (Working Title -Graduation Outcomes Specialist). The RS-I position will support the study by designing systems for collecting and managing high school administrative and research data. The RS-I will collect data on student progress through high school as well as post-graduation outcomes and impacts of NAS programs on the students and their families and communities.

The Duties and Responsibilities for this position include the following:
1. Acquires administrative data from schools and local and state agencies.
2. Acquires qualitative data from families and communities using surveys, interviews, focus groups.
3. Designs a relational database for collecting, cleaning, and managing data.
4. Analyzes data and presents results in statistical charts, graphs, and tables using MS Excel and Tableau.
5. Writes research reports describing background, methods, analysis, and conclusions and recommendations.
6. Develops PowerPoint slides for research presentations
Minimum Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree

Preferred Qualifications:
• Ability to design and follow a research protocol.
• Ability to coordinate research projects.
• Ability to manage changing assignments, heavy workloads, and aggressive deadlines.
• Self-directed worker.
• Communicate well with research team members, school staff and administration, students, families, and community members.
• Fluent in written and oral Spanish.
• Knowledge of descriptive statistical procedures.

Posting Information

Las Cruces
Part Time
U.S. Citizen
Graduate Student, Alumnus/a

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