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55323 / Electrical Engineer (degree in Computer or Electrical Engineering)
Air Force Sustainment Center

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Tinker Air Force Base employees approximately 1600 full-time civilian scientists and engineers. Electrical and computer engineers make up the largest segment of engineers at Tinker—approximately 800! Most of them work in a very large group called Software Maintenance Group which actually has a wide variety of hardware & software work; most positions are a blend of HW & SW. One group develops Test Program Sets, which are created in order to automatically test circuit cards in the avionics (black boxes) boxes at the component level. Engineers develop and maintain test strategies (this includes adapters and software) that allow technicians to automatically test the box as a unit as well as the individual cards within. Software Maintenance Group also does Operational Flight Planning, which includes upgrades to the functionality of an aircraft, as well as planning software that would allow an end user to input variables and the software helps them come up with the flight plan. Another of their groups includes a supercomputer that is being used for a variety of projects. Yet another part of the Software group does programming that takes variables from engines (temperatures, pressures, altitudes, etc) and processes the data to create more meaningful displays that allow aero/mechanical engineers in the program office to determine if an engine should continue to fly or needs to be taken out of service. Another area has been upgrading all the electronics used in the engine test cells; they are starting to work on designing similar projects for other Air Force bases in addition to the ones at Tinker.

Possess Electrical or Computer Engineering Degree BS
or Possess Electrical or Computer Engineering Degree MS
or Possess Electrical or Computer Engineering Degree PhD

Must be a U.S. Citizen and be able to obtain and maintain a security clearance

Posting Information

Oklahoma City
Full-Time (Do Not Use)
U.S. Citizen
Senior, Graduate Student, Alumnus/a
Bachelor, Doctorate, Masters
Electrical Engineering - Computer Engineering (EECE), Electrical Engineering (E E)

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