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53969 / Aggie Pathway Peer Mentor
NMSU - University Admissions

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Aggie Pathway is a program designed to create a smooth transition for students starting at a NMSU Community College who plan to transfer to the NMSU-Las Cruces campus to complete a bachelor's degree. Students in Aggie Pathway will be required to meet with an assigned peer mentor to assist them throughout their time at the community college and transition to the NMSU Las Cruces campus.

It is the responsibility of the Aggie Pathway Peer Mentor to arrange face to face meeting times with Aggie Pathway students (attending DACC) on a weekly basis. In addition to face-to-face meetings, Peer Mentors will be responsible for contacting assigned students through other forms of communication (phone, text, e-mail and social media). Peer Mentors are responsible for helping these students navigate both their community college campus as well as the NMSU Las Cruces campus. Peer Mentors will be key to Aggie Pathway students' academic success by identifying the needs of the student and pairing them with campus resources. There will be assigned curriculum Peer Mentors share with their students. Peer Mentors will be responsible for keeping confidential notes on their assigned students.

Peer Mentors are required to attend all training sessions.

Other duties as assigned.
Please set up your AggieCAREER student account and submit your resume and work-study award letter. Additional help can be found at

-Be responsible, dependable, honest and mature.
-Be friendly, patient and sensitive to our diverse group of students.
-Be classified a sophomore, junior or senior
-Have attended the NMSU-Las Cruces campus at least one semester.
-Must have valid driver's license and be eligible to drive a state vehicle.

Posting Information

Las Cruces
Regular Student Employment, Work-study
Permanent Resident, U.S. Citizen
Sophomore, Junior, Senior

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