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57326 / Student Aide
NMSU - Consumer and Environmental Sciences

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up to 20 hours per week
A high motivated, friendly, and outgoing individual who is comfortable dealing with the public and conducting in-store sales. An individual who has the ability to engage and educate consumers on a variety of products relating to chile peppers.

Will assist with the daily operations of the Chile Pepper Institute. Greets and assists visitors, customers and other individuals in a friendly and knowledgeable manner. Will conduct in-store sales, package, and ship daily online orders, prepares and maintains and processes paperwork. Will work with a myriad of chile pepper products (seeds, powder, sauces).

Responsible, reliable, punctual, organized, and committed. Has the willingness to go above and beyond standard requirements to deliver exceptional customer services. Other duties as assigned.
Experience needed in retail sales and customer services. Small and large group presentation skills. Must be available to work summer hours. Please do not apply if not available

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Las Cruces
Sales - General
Regular Student Employment

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