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13935 / Agricultural Commodity Technician
USDA Federal Grain Inspection Service

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The duties described are for the full-performance level. At developmental grade levels, assignments will be of more limited scope, performed with less independence and limited complexity.

The duties may include, but are not limited to:
•Performs visual inspection and mechanical measurements to assist in establishing the kind and/or class and quality of grain/rice/pulses and related commodities to be processed.
•Prepares samples for inspection and file sample retention by dividing gross samples of grain/rice/pulses or related commodities to obtain official work and file sample portions.
•Performs the full range of laboratory analytical and physical tests found in assigned field office which involves preparing samples and solutions, calibrating the equipment when required, conducting the test, recording and determining the reliability of the test results.
•Monitors grain collected by mechanical (diverter-type) samplers during export loading operations.
•Conducts stowage examinations in shipholds, barges, hopper cars, and other containers to ensure cleanliness and acceptability of storage handling facilities.
•Samples, checkweighs, checkloads, and inspects food and nonfood products for AMS, FSA, DPSC, VA, and private contracts.
•Adheres to Civil Rights policies, goals, and objectives in performing the duties of this position.

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Portland, Oregon

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