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Donald Asher: Find a Job With ANY Major Logo
Donald Asher: Find a Job With ANY Major
2/9/2015 2:30 PM - 2/9/2015 4:00 PM
OMU Meacham Auditorium
So, you think your choice of major will determine your career path? Think again. Alan Greenspan was a music major, Lisa Kudrow was a biology major and Albert Einstein was a high-school dropout.
So where do the great jobs that lead to career success come from? Donald Asher, America's career guru, believes that success comes from an alignment of passion with preparation.
In How to Get Any Job with Any Major Asher explains step-by-step how to discover your passion while getting the preparation you really need. What's the difference between 'getting a job' and 'launching a career'? Why do employers hire people like you? Which skill do employers value most? (They're not what you think!) Which non-tech skills are high-tech companies looking for? Why do some people get promoted again and again?

How do you prove you have skills that don't show up on your transcripts? How do you identify your passion if you're confused? What experience should you get now to help you get into grad school later? How can you get famous and influential people to help you? Are chance and luck major factors in the most successful careers?

What should you do if you're a graduate and living in your parents' basement? What should you do if you're a junior to make sure you don't end up in that basement?