Event Detail
Freelance, Part 1: Working with a Recruiter
DDA Lecture Room, (Myrtle Hall) Pratt Brooklyn Campus
Clear the clutter and learn the nuances of the freelancing life.

A job recruiter can be a private individual or a representative of a company who specializes in finding the right people to fill a job.  These jobs include permanent positions, contract work or short term freelance work with a company.  In this first part of a four-part discussion dedicated to all things freelance, Ila Abramson, owner/recruiter at I Spy (www.ispyrecruiting.com) will discuss the ins and outs of working with a recruiter.

Join us for this listen and learn session about what a recruiter looks for in a resume and portfolio and how you can help recruiters find you!

This program is presented by the Center for Career & Professional Development.  Please contact the CCPD at 718.636.3506 or career@pratt.edu for any inquiries.