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"I agree that by completing this registration with Southwest Minnesota State University's (SMSU) Career Services for the purpose of recruiting SMSU students and alumni for employment, I will comply with all policies of SMSU Career Services which include, but are not limited to: Assurance that I am an Equal Opportunity Employer; Maintaining a recruitment process which is fair and equitable to candidates; Supporting informed and responsible decision-making by candidates; Abstaining from practices that improperly influence and affect job acceptances; Delivery of accurate information on my organization and employment opportunities. The information on MustangJobs.com may include private education data that is protected by Minnesota and federal law. Individuals who have posted information on MustangJobs.com have given the university written consent to disclose this data to potential employers for the purpose of accessing their qualifications for employment. Use of this information for any unauthorized purpose is prohibited. Re-disclosure of this information to others outside your company is allowed only if you have prior written consent of the individual. Improper use or re-disclosure of these records may result in the university barring your access to MustangJobs.com."

Submitting any material to this site implies compliance with this agreement.


NOTE:  Third Party Recruiters must meet 2 requirements before Career Services will approve a position posting: 1) Third party recruiters may not charge their candidates for their services, AND 2) Third party recruiters must provide the name of the employer seeking candidates. If both of these requirements are met, Career Services will approve a POST ONLY access. 







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