This is a candidate consent and release for submission of personal data (this "Release") to GradLeaders. Your school uses the GradLeaders software platform (the "Platform") to manage certain aspects of career services, including facilitation of the recruiting and hiring process for its students and/or alumni. You are being asked to review and agree to this Release because your school wishes to include, add, or modify data belonging or relating to you as a candidate using the Platform.


By checking the box below, you authorize GradLeaders to release your profile, resume, contact information, and other information that the school may also submit to GradLeaders on your behalf, along with any information you submit or modify (collectively, "Your Information"), to other users of GradLeaders for recruiting and employment purposes. Our use of Your Information is governed by our contract with your school, our Privacy Policy, and our Terms of Use.


You agree to review, update, and correct any information that you believe to be inaccurate by informing your school and/or logging in as a user on the Platform. Further, you release GradLeaders and your school from any liability in connection with the disclosure of Your Information for recruiting and employment purposes.

Editing your profile’s visibility to employers in Jumbo Jobs: You may do this by going to My Account-> My Profile-> Additional Information-> Allow Employer Viewing. However, we suggest that you make your profile visible and post a current resume so that employers with opportunities will be able to find you.

Gradleaders Recruiting database: Your profile has been set to “opt in” for this opportunity to make your profile visible to additional employers. However, you may opt out under My Account-> My Profile-> Additional Information.

Information visible to employers: Note that even if you make your profile visible, employers will NOT be able to see the following (unless it is on your resume): Gender, Race/Ethnicity, and Citizenship.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 617-627-3299, or

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