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Please visit the Experiential Learning Center in Tivoli 260 or view information online at www.ucdenver.edu/elc.

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The University of Colorado Denver Career Center and partner offices put forth reasonable effort to screen all employers and job postings that come in to the Career Lynx system.  However, the Career Center cannot fully guarantee the validity of each company/organization, contact, or posting that is submitted.

We expect you, the student, to perform due diligence in researching companies/organizations and postings and use caution when applying to or accepting a position.  It is the responsibility of the students to verify wages, benefits, safety, working conditions, or any other aspect of employment before accepting a position.  We strongly advise you to protect your identity and privacy by following basic protocol such as not providing your social security number/ banking/credit card information and/or engaging in any monetary transaction with a prospective employer.

If you have a concern or issue related to any postings or information you find on Career Lynx, please contact the Career Center at CareerCenter@ucdenver.edu.



Contact the CU Denver Career Center at 303.556.2250 or CareerCenter@ucdenver.edu.

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