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41756 / Design Intern
Perch Furniture

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Flexible - 4 days a week
September 1, 2017
Perch Furniture is a custom furniture design studio located in Portland's Pearl District. We are looking for a design-oriented college candidate, to drive a series of high impact projects over a 6-8 week period. This Intern position has a flexible schedule requiring 32 hours a week (likely 4 workdays). Occasional weekend days and holidays within the start and end dates may be required.

- We design custom sofas -
In fact, if it is upholstered, we’ll try just about anything. Perch started in 2010 with the belief that everyone deserves the perfect couch, even people with real life budgets. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service and collaborating with our clients on creating the perfect furniture for their home, style, and values.

- this job is gonna be sweet -
We are a family-owned shop trying to take on the (sofa) world. The intern we hire is going to run a series of projects similar to the following:
• Our sofas are almost entirely west coast sourced. Lumber, labor, materials, and transportation are all located on the I-5 corridor. We’d like our intern to create a learning model to estimate and understand our current production footprint. After that, perhaps we create and advocate for a footprint reduction plan through alternative sourcing, production or transportation methods available. Maybe we save a tree. Maybe a lot more.
• We contribute to our community. For 2016 Perch Furniture was able to contribute over $1700 to charities in the Portland Metro area. To date, we have supported organizations that provide stable housing for families. As we grow, we expect our contributions to increase and we are looking to develop a stronger relationship with charity partners aligned with our values. We are also interested in a signature / fundraising event that can be a recurring philanthropic legacy.
• We do almost Zero – (none, nada, zip) traditional marketing. We aspire to more, but content doesn’t just create itself. That said, we are willing to pay for it. So, opportunity to impact: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, our blog, other people’s blogs, etc. is wide open.
• We have a brand-new website. And our expectations aren’t out of this world. Compared to our old website – the upgrade is obvious, and the conversions were almost instantaneous. But, the best websites are constantly being improved. So, A – B testing, customer campaigns, and all the: visitor conversion strategy and measuring someone can handle – it is all, right here waiting.

Everyone at Perch works at our retail store. We run a relationship-based sales model and are looking for a person that genuinely loves design and can naturally collaborate with both customers and industry pros. We need someone who can create a comfortable, easy shopping environment, and can handle customer requests with grace and courtesy.
- responsibilities -
• Project implementation as directed
• Timely, organized responses to customer inquiries via email and phone
• Coordinate post-sales client communication, including order status updates, delivery tracking and scheduling, and post-delivery follow up
• General shop administrative duties
• Product / interior / architectural Design related major preferred
• Previous sales experience preferred
• Strong written and verbal communications skills
• Experience with social media campaigns and engagement tracking
• Ability to prioritize multiple competing tasks

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Audrey Merwin
Interior Design, Marketing, Product Design/Development, Sales
Junior, Senior
Bachelor's, Master's
Architecture , Art , Art history , Arts management , Business Administration – Entrepreneurship, Business Administration – Marketi...

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