Thank you for your interest in mentoring our students.  All Fine Arts alumni (regardless of career path) and arts professionals are welcome to register as mentors.  There are a variety of ways to share your expertise and you will be able to choose among several options, including student mentoring.

To become a mentor, please complete the following sections. All fields marked with an * are required.

All initial contact from students will come through the mentor system.  When you respond to a student inquiry, they will be able to see your e-mail or alternate e-mail depending on what you choose below.

Once you have completed making changes click Save at the bottom.

NOTE: For fields that allow multiple selections, use CTRL or Open Apple to select more than one.

There are a few settings in Personal Information that need further explanation:
  • Max Contacts per Month - enter the maximum number of contacts from individiual students you wish to allow per month.  We suggest 4 a maximum of students per month, but you can certainly allow more (or less!). If you do not want to do mentoring, but provide your expertise another way, please put 0 in this box.  You can update max contacts per month at any time.
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There are multiple ways you can help shape the career development of our students. Please consider sharing your experience in one or more of the ways below.  FACS will contact you to follow up.
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