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95297 / College Financial Representative (Co-op)
Northwestern Mutual

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Organization Overview:
Interns with the Northwestern Mutual have the same opportunities to build their careers as full-time representatives. Supported by our network of specialists, training programs, and mentoring opportunities, interns have access to the resources, products, and assistance they need to help their clients and build their practices.
Northwestern Mutual-Milwaukee provides tools, resources, and training to help CFR’s discover and build their markets to develop a successful practice as a Financial Representative Intern. At Northwestern Mutual we believe training is a process, not an event. The Northwestern Mutual internship is a valuable opportunity for students to combine classroom learning with real-life look into what they could truly make of themselves.

Northwestern Mutual Leads Best Place to Work Survey
Northwestern Mutual ranks first in its industry and 17th overall among service companies in Selling Power Magazine’s annual "50 Best Companies to Sell For" list, according to the November 2012 issue.
Vault, Inc.: Northwestern Mutual Named "Top Ten Internship in America"
For 16 consecutive years, the Northwestern Mutual’s financial representative internship program has been ranked among America’s "Top Ten Internships" by the Internship Informants in the 2012 Vault Guide to Top Internships.

Preferred Major/Background:
Open to all majors

Like full-time Financial Representatives, CFR’s strive to understand their clients’ goals and visions in order to uncover financial solutions that put them on a path to success. Financial Representative interns are in business for themselves-but they are not alone to uncover financial solutions that put them on a path to success. CFR’s attend weekly professional development training and work very closely with their College Unit Director and mentor.

Hours Per Week:
During Fall and Spring Semesters, CFR’s work approximately 10-25 hours per week during summer months, CFR’s work approximately 40 hours per week.

A flexible schedule is maintained based on class schedule and/or client/prospect availability for appointments, i.e. some evening appointments may occur.

CFR’s receive paid professional development training, earned commissions based on sales, earned stipends based on production goals/milestones
Qualifications/Skills Needed:
All candidates must be registered as full-time students, have strong interpersonal skills, be self-motivated and have a history of personal success. We’re looking for students who have integrity, values, and ethics. We want candidates who are determined to succeed, are coachable (willing to learn and receive feedback), and have a goal-oriented/competitive nature. We also feel those who have a strong natural market, or strong relationships with numerous people in the area in which they will be working, have a greater chance at becoming successful in the business.

All candidates go through a MutalFit selection process to ensure the candidate understands and is comfortable with the internship opportunity and our expectations. If an offer is extended and the candidate accepts, he/she is required to pass the Wisconsin Life, Accident, and Health insurance exams. The candidate works very closely with his/her College Unit Director and our contract and licensing coordinator to complete all necessary pre-work for this internship, including the aforementioned licensing requirement.

Season/Term of Internship:
This internship is offered year-round. We schedule training classes at the beginning of each semester (fall, spring, summer). CFR’s may choose to continue their internship throughout contiguous semesters after completing the initial training. CFR’s who meet predetermined goals/milestones and are interested in continuing their affiliation with Northwestern Mutual may also becoming eligible for a fulltime Financial Representative opportunity upon graduation.