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44925 / Marine Corps Officer Candidate
United States Marine Corps Officer Programs

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The United States Marine Corps is looking for full-time college students and graduates with good physical fitness and high moral courage who desire to serve their country as an Officer of Marines. To begin the journey, you will attend Officer Candidates School (OCS) during the summer, and upon completion of your degree, you will be eligible to receive a commission as a Second Lieutenant.
The Marine Corps offers some of the best leadership training in the world, and with the opportunity to exercise that leadership immediately upon entry into service, the Marine Corps gives its newest officers direct responsibility for our nation's most valuable asset - the individual Marine.
In our commissioning programs you will learn to think tactically, to act decisively, and to lead with confidence. The Marine Corps offers a competitive salary, up to 25 occupational specialties – including guaranteed aviation and law positions - and most importantly, the pride of earning the title, Marine.
U.S. Citizen;
Full-time enrolled college student or graduate;
Good physical fitness;
High moral character