On March 31, 2017, all resumes in the Career Center database were refreshed to ensure that the most up-to-date resumes are available to you, from candidates who are currently seeking opportunities. 

Resumes will become available again as students and alumni update their documents and reset their permissions to allow for review by employers.

10 Steps for Employer Agreement and Login

  1. Do we have what you are looking for? Wright State Majors & Certificates
  2. Does the job you want to post match our definitions? Types of Job Postings
  3. Before you request an account or submit a job posting, review Employer Policies
    By submitting your application, you agree to the policies.
  4. A Wright State Career Center staff member reviews submissions.
    We may modify, accept, or not accept submissions.
  5. If it's your first time here, on this page, select the link "First time here?"
     (it's after the Login button).
  6. Follow the instructions on each registration and submission page.
    Select question mark icons (?) for more information about data entry fields.
  7. The email address you submit will be used for confirmation emails and other communications - like event invitations.
    Monitor that email account for messages from wright.edu
  8. To capture the interest of candidates that match your job postings, expand the college options on the Add/Remove Major list until  there are no more plus (+) signs.
    Select only those specific majors, licensures, specialties and certificates that qualify for your job posting.
  9. Make sure you hit the Submit button! (otherwise, we might not get your info).
  10. Job postings are not considered unless the contact's account application has been approved.

If you  attempt to login and get this message: "Your account is not active!"
Email careercenter@wright.edu or call (937) 775-2556.

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